OŠ Senovo je izvajala COMENIUS-ov projekt EVROPA IN MORJA v katerem so poleg naše šole (Slovenija) sodelovale še po ena šola iz Litve, Poljske, Belgije, Nizozemske, Nemčije, Italije, Grčije in Turčije.


Nekaj več o COMENIUS projektu lahko najdete tukaj.


A little something about our country, town and school



Slovenia lies in the central Europe. It isn't very big country, but it is very beautiful. Almost two million people live here. The highest mountain in Slovenia is Triglav (2864 m). The capital city of Slovenia is Ljubljana. Our president's name is Danilo Turk.  In Slovenia there are very beautiful underground caves. The largest caves are Postojna cave and The Škocjan caves. We have also a few of the world's most beautiful lakes: lake Bohinj, lake Bled, and The seven lakes of Triglav. Slovenian people are very open and friendly. Spoken Slovene has seven different dialects. Our country is also very successful in sports. On this Olympic Games we got 5 medals.

Visit us, you won't be sorry!






Senovo is a small town. It isn't a village and it isn't either the city. It is situated in the southeastern part of Slovenia. Senovo is very beautiful. About 2000 people live here. Most of them are Slovenians, but here are also many immigrants from ex-Yugoslav countries. Many people from Senovo work in Krško and other nearby towns, and some of them work in the farms around Senovo. Here you can find many restaurants, pubs, shops, a swimming pool, two playgrounds, a primary school and a library. We have also very successful theatre group, folklore dance group and brass band. Senovo is  very interesting place for tourists. Here they can see some of our historical monuments, water-falls and they can hike to Bohor, which is 925 m high, and enjoy in very beautiful nature.






Our school is located in the centre of Senovo. It's very big and it is yellow and green color. A few years ago it was renovates, and that's why it has an old and a new part. It's one of the most modern schools in our country. It has a big dining room, wardrobe and a lot of classrooms. The classrooms are very big and each has a computer and a TV. There are 289 pupils and 29 teachers. We also have our own school library and many staircases.

Our prizes, awards and cups are on display in the dining room.